Traveling Through The Ninth Gate

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The Ninth Gate is a 1999 mystery thriller film directed, produced, and co-written by Roman Polanski. It was the film adaptation of the book The Dumas Club, written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. 

While panned by critics and often disliked by many, we feel it’s really a phenomenally underrated film. A quite masterful piece of cinema, which functions on multiple layers, with deep symbology, and is extremely well thought out, with Kubrickian level foresight and planning in terms of its script and how all avenues of its production wove a tapestry of a much deeper story and mystery. 

Due to it being one of our favorite films, we have put together this detailed audio deconstruction of the story, symbolism, and occult undertones which aim to give some insights on that mystery. Traveling Through The Ninth Gate is an analysis/deconstruction created after extensive viewings, interest, and research of the film, highlighting the deeper underlying themes of what the story entails via our own personal experiences with the esoteric, meaning inside, and the occult, meaning hidden. Think of it as a short audiobook that provides some secret keys.

The paywall serves two purposes. It makes you the purchaser value the information more, as well as keeping this more juicy information behind a set of castle gates.

By purchasing you will receive 3 files:

1) Niles Heckman - Traveling Through The Ninth Gate (First Edition - June 2020).pdf A pdf written analysis/deconstruction. With the engravings from the film and some other supporting esoteric artwork - 39 pages long.

2) Niles Heckman - Traveling Through The Ninth Gate (First Edition - June 2020).mp3 A mp3 spoken-word audio version of that document. Narrated by Niles. 1:18:49 long.

3) Niles Heckman - Traveling Through The Ninth Gate (First Edition - June 2020).jpg Image artwork for sharing.

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*As this is the result of about a week's worth of research and writing, $5 was going to be the asking price, but then we raised it to $6.66 which was entirely too appropriate for the subject matter. You certainly also have the ability to pay more, which, if done, is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much and silence is golden.

Niles Heckman

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Traveling Through The Ninth Gate

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