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Shamans of The Global Village Episode 2: José Luis Ramírez & The Peyote Cactus Rental

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Rent the full second episode of the documentary series Shamans of the Global Village. With both English and Spanish subtitles.

*This series is made 100% independently so your purchase is the primary way that we'll be able to continue creating future episodes. If you have the resources, paying more than $3 would be greatly appreciated as a donation to help fund the next episode.

Technical Specifications:

-We have tested this with success on computer and mobile devices such as phones or tablets.
-60 minutes long streaming from a Quicktime movie file format in H264 compression.
-Full Resolution 1080p (1920x800) at 24 frames per second in both 2:40 & 2:77 aspect ratios.
-Shot in Mexico, the episode is mostly in English and has some Spanish. Do make sure and engage the subtitles.
-Future plans to release the film on streaming platforms such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, VHX, or Vimeo On Demand may or may not happen in due course.  


1) On this page, enter an amount equal to or greater than $3 for the amount you're willing to pay in the greyed out “3+” box.

2) Click on the “Rent” button.

3) You are then led to your payment info page.

4) Enter your email address into the field followed by payment info via credit card or Paypal. You can also give it as a gift here to another person’s email.

5) Click the “Rent” button.

6) You can then click the WATCH button on the web page to stream the rental. Be sure and engage the subtitles by pushing the "cc" button down in the play bar. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation from “Aurora-Lab” entitled “You got Shamans of The Global Village Episode 2: José Luis Ramírez & The Peyote Cactus Rental!” If you don't see a confirmation e-mail with the download link immediately after purchase, check your spam folder.

7) Click the button inside the email which says “WATCH” and you are sent to a page to stream the episode.

8) If you are having any technical problems renting the file, contact Niles Heckman at and he will get back to you ASAP.

9) Engage either English or Spanish subtitles.

10) Enjoy shamanic content.

11) Continue working on being the medicine in your own life.

Thank you very much,

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Shamans of The Global Village Episode 2: José Luis Ramírez & The Peyote Cactus Rental

3 ratings
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