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An Infinite Path Podcast Archive

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is a podcast focused around growth, balance, and creativity. With underlying occultism and esotericism. Hosted by Niles Heckman.

With this purchase you will receive the back archive of the podcast here which includes all episodes with all the full length "patron" episodes. Beginning at episode 69 when the show was re-booted with the extended episodes starting at episode 78. Most episodes from that point on have been recorded extended length and released edited down publicly for free while the full length versions, with approximately an additional 30 to 60 minutes of conversation, being only available privately for members of

By purchasing here, you receive the full archive to date, which is updated with each new episode. If you wish to have the full archive and continue to receive new extended episodes into the future, a $2/month lite subscription via our membership page will continue to keep you receiving new extended episodes and some other goodies. 

There are 25+ files in this archive. Which is 40+ hours of audio content. Each extended episode has a "_Patron" at the end of the episode name in the file list. 

Thank you,
Niles Heckman


1) On this page, enter an amount equal to or greater than $15 for the amount you're willing to pay in the greyed out “15+” box.

2) Click on the “PAY” button.

3) You are then led to your payment info page.

4) Enter your email address into the field followed by payment info via credit card or Paypal. You can also give it as a gift here to another person’s email.

5) Click the “PAY” button.

6) You’ll then receive an e-mail confirmation from “Aurora-Lab” entitled “You got An Infinite Path Podcast Archive” If you don't see a confirmation e-mail with the download link immediately after purchase, check your spam folder.

7) Click the button inside the email which says “View product.”

8) You are sent to a page to download the mp3 files. They are intended to be downloaded to your hard drive and not streamed from the website. Once you’ve purchased, these files can always be re-downloaded later if you don’t want to store all of them on your end.

9) If you are having any technical problems purchasing or downloading the file, contact Niles at and he will get back to you ASAP.

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All back episodes of the podcast to date, including all the extended length ones.


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An Infinite Path Podcast Archive

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